HOSPAZ is a membership driven organization. Our mission is to provide palliative care and support for all. Inorder to reach out to everyone, HOSPAZ has members in each of the provinces of Zimbabwe who assist with provision of palliative care and support.

The following services are offered to HOSPAZ members:

  • Priority for inclusion into upcoming innovative care –enhancing programs and projects
  • Capacity building in palliative care
  • Regular updates on current trends in the care arena through training manuals and IEC materials
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration with other organizations
  • Access to periodic supplies of various care resources


Organisations/individuals aspiring to be HOSPAZ members fill in an application form (download organisation application form here) or download individual membership form here which will be assessed in line with the set criteria for being accepted as a member. The criteria include registered organisations that are providing the following core services:
All potential members should be registered and also at least provide the following basic services to be considered as a HOSPAZ member.

  • Basic nursing care
  • Home visits
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Psychosocial Support including Bereavement care


HOSPAZ has a membership of 120 members comprising of hospices, HBC organisation, mission hospitals, and children’s organisations.
*HOSPICES have the autonomy to independently source funding for any programming
As HOSPAZ members, organizations stand to benefit from some of the following services;

1. Priority for inclusion into upcoming innovative care-enhancing programs and projects

  • National level programs
  • Opportunity for sharing call for proposals
  • Access to funding
  • Donor support – references to donors

2. Capacity building through;

  • Organisational capacity assessments
  • Training of trainers (TOT)
  • Support with training of secondary caregivers
  • Mentoring and technical support on aspects of programming
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Financial management support

3. Opportunities for networking and collaboration with other organizations both at national and international level

4. Regular updates on current trends in the care arena, through the bi-annual HOSPAZ newsletter, AGM, membership meetings, training workshops, specific program update and review meetings, guidelines and IEC materials

5. Access to periodic supplies of various care resources – including disinfectants, antiseptics, protective wear, personal hygiene supplies, and basic pain relief medicines.

  • How HOSPAZ is governed— board and membership
  • Board includes different expertise as per our mandate.
  • Legal, Finance, Medical
  • HOSPAZ Members (Hospices and HBC organisations); National bodies/regulatory e.g. MOHCC, NAC
  • Beneficiaries
  • How HOSPAZ relates with and supports the Hospices
  • Relates with everyone – all its members
  • Equal opportunities, depending on location and type of grant e.g. GF – rural to start with
  • Meetings including AGM
  • HOSPAZ also attends member AGMs
  • Always ensure representation of Hospices through Island Hospice Harare in any development processes e.g. Policies, Guidelines/Manuals
  • Joint proposals e.g. with Island Hospice for Comic Relief, with Seke VB